Monday, November 11, 2013

Two to go...

October and the beginning of November were not what I expected. I hoped to workout every other day, at the very least, but my parents decided to move. A couple weeks after they put their house on the market, they got a great offer. I've spent every extra minute over there helping them pack, move furniture to their storage unit or to their apartment (temporary--until they build a house). Finally, they closed last week, I ran on the treadmill the day after helping them clean the house from top to bottom. 
3.2 miles in 36:34 min. I walked part of it.

Between grad school, teaching, parenting, moving, and writing, I had COMPLETELY forgotten about the scale, and my goal to lose 10 lbs before my vacation. Still, oblivious, I caught a bug that my husband had earlier in the week, and on Friday, when I was in the middle of a work day, I started getting so woozy, that I literally had to sit at the back of the room in my desk chair while my students worked on their projects. Then after 5th period, I puked in a trashcan behind my podium. That seemed to also launch a 12 body-ache fest. I had the worst night sleep and couldn't take anything for the pain, because I was afraid I'd throw it up. The next day I could only eat a slice of bread, a few flour tortillas (non-consecutively), and a cup of fruit. 

Right after my run, I decided to update my motivation panel. Notice I put a rock-climber on this one? 
By yesterday night, I felt somewhat better, but still plagued with exhaustion. I managed to do one load of dishes before collapsing back into bed. In the morning, I stepped on the scale for the first time in a while. I knew that because I'd been so sick, and, consequently, not eating, that it had to be low, but I never expected it to be 159! I may just meet my goal after all. I have to, or I can't go on vacation with my family. I only have 2 lbs to lose by next Sunday. It should be easy, assuming my health snaps back. Today, I could only make it through sacrament, and then I had Rick take me home. I've been sporadically napping ever since. But, I'm hoping to be able to go rock climbing twice this week, if possible, and running in between. My diet is doing fine, my appetite--thankfully--diminished since I've been sick. (Remember, I have a voracious appetite and, when I'm not careful, can turn into binge-eating.)

Working toward a deadline like this is an excellent motivation tool for me. It's in between goals that's a challenge. It's not hard to rewire my body to be healthy, but my mind is often trickier. It seems to convince me that I'm hungry when my body says I'm not. Whispers that I need another chocolate chip cookie even though my tongue already tastes like bile, because I've eaten too many. I'm hoping to carry out this goal until after the holidays. Like add another 7 lbs onto my goal and put something meaningful on the chopping block again. up my dog or something. Oh, geez. That would be AWFUL. Ok, not that. But something. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Runolution #11: "Boo"-yah

I ran the Provo Halloween 5K on Oct. 26th as my #11th Runolution. Nic and I ran it. My time was not awesome, but I'm still proud that I did especially since I went rock-climbing the night before and helped my mom move right after the race. Long weekend. My body is so sore.

Before the race...
Cat fight! 
We're going to ROCK this race! 
After the race. It kicked our trash. My time: 33:44. UGH. I feel like I'll never get it under 30min. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Runulotion Races #9, 10, and 11

My Runolution races #9 and 10 were virtual on my treadmill.
August 2013 . Terrible time = 36:20. I had tickets to The Dirty Dash, but had a family reunion conflict. 
Sept 2013 = Forgot to check the time.  I got super sick for the Fireman's Challenge, so I had to skip it. 
#11 Halloween race to come!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rock On!

This Spartan has been very busy. Whether it's been my new obsession with rock climbing, running a Halloween race, celebrating my daughter's 9th birthday, wrapping up the end of the term, or working on grad school deadlines like a writing-Stevedore life has been kicking my butt.

Here's a photo journey of my last rock-climbing expedition. I go with a former college professor, oddly enough. RJ and I have tons of fun. I've been 3 different times and we try to go once a week. The last time we each did 6 climbs, and of course every time I challenge myself to climb more challenging paths. The most difficult one was a 5.9. I couldn't get to the top without cheating--and resting--a couple times.

This was one of the easier climbs. 

At the top, yo! 

RJ on belay
Pics of the Halloween race to come.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


That's my term for my attempts to lose weight before my vacation.
So far I've lost 3 pounds. It's not going well.
Hmmm... The stress from grad school is making it hard to find time to work out.

I have taken up rock climbing once a week. It is a killer workout. LOVE it!
I've worked out a few times before that, and seriously I am not doing great. =/

I'm not going on vaca until the third week in November, but I'm getting nervous.

We'll see.

I've got a Halloween costumed 5K coming up with my friend, Nic.
Also, I got really sick on the week of the Fireman's challenge. UGH. So I didn't go. Like I said. It's been tough. I've had to focus WAY more time on diet choices since I don't have as much time to work out.

I'll keep you updated.

Monday, September 23, 2013 [collapses.]

My vaca weight loss plan is so far so good.

Last week's virtual 5K on tready:

Virtual 5K. Netflix choice while running: Dirty Dancing.

Bad time. =(
I lost a pound.
Gavin and I did a 5.24 mile bike ride last week too, and I did the worst Crossfit wo today. I am still shaking.
I'm too tired to tell you more, and, frankly, I've got grad school writing to work on.

Love you guys, though.
Such amazing supporters!


Monday, September 16, 2013

Capitol Reef and where's the fire?

I registered for the Dirty Dash back in January, but since my family reunion was scheduled on the same weekend (from Sept. 13-15th), I had to give up my tickets. I gave them to my friend, Nicholette. She ran with a friend and said she had a great time, it was a killer workout, and her knees are all scraped up. The 5K (through mud and obstacles) apparently took two hours to complete. I’m so bummed that I missed it, however, September’s rescheduled Runolution race is going to be unique.

I’m participating in the UVU Rookie Challenge for potential firefighters! The workout includes “1 ½ mile run, sit ups, pull ups, pushups, waist measurement, and weigh in. And then firefighter activities.”
I’m counting the mile and a half as a race, though it is sort of short. The other activities will push me, however. I’m nervous that I’ll suck at the push-ups. It’s been a month and a half since CrossFit July and my arms are all rubbery again. may be time for more healthy living goals.

On my family camp out, we stayed in pretty posh cabins (though ours didn't have indoor plumbing) and only did minimal hiking on account of the rain. 

My mom put us up in this cabin for 2 nights.

The trail we did was a quarter mile of switchbacks and then a sandy hike through a canyon. We didn't finish it because we had a bunch of littlies with us and only an hour before our ride came to get us.

Plus, we kept stopping to explore and take pics of all the slots. 

The canyon land is beautiful, a horizon of vermilion turrets on meandering cliff faces. The air smelled of rain and sagebrush, and the Fremont River, a ruddy snake, surged over the embankments due to flash flooding. As we pulled away from the trail head a white branch of lightning cracked and boomed a stone’s throw to the east. A moment behind, a deluge of rain.

My next vacation is scheduled for November, and although, I’m not sure where we are going yet, I am going to make a goal to keep my calories between 1200-1300 a day, and to work out 5 times a week, at least two of which have to be CrossFit workouts. I also want to keep my carbs between 100-125g daily. Ultimately, I want to lose 10 lbs in two months. That’s the plan. What is up for grabs? My vacation. I cannot go on my vacation unless I meet my goal.  A 10 lbs. weight loss. There’s motivation for you.

Current weight: 167 lbs. I want to weigh 157 by the time the plane (or car) takes off (or drives away) on November 9th (give or take a day). It’s actually a week shy of 2 months. Eight weeks, to be exact. Since I lost 7 lbs during CrossFit July, I think, I hope I can lose more weight this time. I haven’t been eating very healthy of late. During the campout I think I out did both of my kids when eating s’mores. It’s time to get back on track. Remember, I want to be healthy. I don’t want to become that nearly diabetic mess that I was at 25. This is about my health.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

CrossFit July completed!

I finished.
Completed my goal!
And didn't lose my shoes.

However, my last day of CrossFit July was the first day of a 4-day writing retreat in Heber. I was holed up for 4 days in a cabin so big it was meandering.

It was so big, I never explored one whole floor.
I spent those glorious days writing my memoir, hiking, and binging three different types of cookies provided by the other writers.


(Don't worry, I was good on my last day of CrossFit July and I even did two different CrossFit workouts in one of the cabin's 3 living rooms. I taught some of the other writers how to do a burpee. I also went hiking and took a long walk around and under the house about 15-20 times.)

One of several porches.

On my last day, I couldn't measure or weigh myself, because I wasn't home. The cabin had a television that can only be described as the love child of a jumbotron and a cinema, but no scale.

Back at home the scale says 164, which is fine with me. I am taking a break from workouts this week, mostly because I threw my back out and I'm hunched over like a lichen. Also, things got a little stressful. The family an broke down--our only vehicle--and it's going to cost close to grand to fix. I had to cancel our family vacation to pay for it, and now Vin needs glasses for kindergarten. I'm not sure what that will cost. Fortunately, I have eye insurance. Lane's been using broken frames, taped together at the corner with packing tape. Plus, I got into grad school--YEAH!--but they're asking for $250 deposit to hold my place in the program. = P


It's hard not to get discouraged with stuff like this happens all at once, but I'm keeping my head up. I told the kids they'd get new school clothes in September, and that the vacation was "postponed" rather than cancelled, though it may be postponed for a year. The good news is that our garden is producing more tomatoes than we can handle. The neighbors are either going to love or hate me at the end of the summer, as I will be leaving the extra on doorsteps until the first frosts of October. 

As soon as my back heals, I'll be back on the treadmill. I miss running. That was a downside to CrossFit, not enough running for me. The plan is to continue watching my calories, keeping them between 1200-1300 a day, and then alternating running with CrossFit workouts, so that I'm working out 5 days a week. That should be plenty when school starts.

Oh yeah. Did I mention I start teaching again at the end of the month? [sigh.]

Sunday, July 28, 2013

CrossFit July Week 4 results

Guess what?! I got accepted to another grad school program! What! Now, comes the decision.

This week was tough, b/c Cole's birthday was on Wednesday and my mom took us all out to lunch at Macaroni Grill. I could hardly eat anything else for the rest of the day. Plus, I made Cole a Bigfoot chocolate birthday cake, and I have a sweet tooth for chocolate cake. =P Also, my Aunt Flo made me ravenous, and it's the end of the month, which means we are strapped for cash! I can't afford healthy foods anymore, and we are living on homemade bread and noodles. The only protein I have in the house are eggs and really old protein powder.
Supposed to be the sasquatch. Looks like a monkey.

Still, I stuck to my plan.

Here's how I did, et al:

July 1: 171
Week 1 Results: 165! (-6lbs)
Week 2 Results: 167 (+2)
Week 3: 164 (-3)
Today: 163 (-1)
Overall: -8lbs.

July 1: 31 3/4"
Week 1 Results: 30" (-1 3/4")
Week 2 Results: 29 3/4" (-1/4")
Week 3: 29 1/2" (-1/4")
Today:  same
Overall: -2 1/4"

July 1: 46"
Week 1 Results: 44 1/4" (-1 3/4")
Week 2 Results: 44" (-1/4")
Week 3: 44 (no change)
Today: same
Overall: -2"

July 1: 28 1/4"
Week 1 Results: 27 1/4" (-1")
Week 2 Results: 26 3/4" (-1/2")
Week 3: 26 3/4" (no change)
Today: 26 1/2" (-1/4)
Overall: -1 3/4 "

July 1: 13 1/2"
Week 1 Results:  13 1/2" (No loss.)
Week 2 Results:13" (-1/2")
Week 3: 13" (no change)
Today: same
Overall: -1/2"

Here are my work outs for this week:

 I can't find the wo I did on Monday.
The Wholesome Heart : At Home CrossFit Workouts!
Tuesday's wo.

6 Crossfit workouts when you're at home or traveling
I did WOD 4 on Wednesday.

Thursday: I got a terrible stomach ache and didn't workout. 
Crossfit workout of the day with my own additions & substitutions.
Friday wo, but I couldn't do the last two on it.

At Home CROSSFIT Workout! #crossfit #workout #healthy #fitness
Saturday. Lane helped me during the sit-ups by sitting on my feet. I still got a but rug-burn.

 I lost a pound. It's been a good week.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

CrossFit July Week 3 results!

Bet you thought I forgot to blog my results.
I didn't. I've been kinda busy today.
I had to clip my dog's toenails. Sounds like an excuse, but it seriously is a major event. (And not the only thing I did today.)

Also, I've been a little preoccupied on account that I GOT INTO GRAD SCHOOL! Booyah! I found out yesterday and took my kids to Walgreen's for ice cream cones (b/c our favorite mom-n-pop shop was closed), but after scanning the calories on the prepackaged frozen treats, I settled for Fitness magazine. 

Here's how I did last week, et al:

July 1: 171
Week 1 Results: 165! (-6lbs)
Week 2 Results: 167 (+2)
Today: 164 (-3)
Overall: -7lbs.

July 1: 31 3/4"
Week 1 Results: 30" (-1 3/4")
Week 2 Results: 29 3/4" (-1/4")
Today: 29 1/2" (-1/4")
Overall: -2 1/4"

July 1: 46"
Week 1 Results: 44 1/4" (-1 3/4")
Week 2 Results: 44" (-1/4")
Today: 44 (no change)
Overall: -2"

July 1: 28 1/4"
Week 1 Results: 27 1/4" (-1")
Week 2 Results: 26 3/4" (-1/2")
 Today: 26 3/4" (no change)
Overall: -1 1/2 "

July 1: 13 1/2"
Week 1 Results:  13 1/2" (No loss.)
Week 2 Results:13" (-1/2")
Today: 13" (no change)
Overall: -1/2"

My measurements are pretty much the same, but I lost three pounds this week. It appears that reducing my caloric intake by another 100 a day worked last week. This week, I'm pushing harder. I'm going to attempt to keep the caloric intake at or below 1200 a day. That's my goal. Shoes on the table.

CrossFit is kicking my trash. I am tired and sore all the time. It is wearing on me. I think I'm going to push for a few CF cardio/running workouts and in between mellow CF workouts, like the 9min. AMRAP one. It's been hard to find a good balance between working out to get toned and fit vs. 24 hr exhaustion, which is not the goal. Here's what I did this week.

CrossFit WOD that you can do at home or in the gym- just need some weights!
Monday. My variation: 10 burpees, 10 kbs, 10 sit-ups, 400 meter run, and repeat 5 times (except for the run, that was only done 4 times.)

The Wholesome Heart : At Home CrossFit Workouts!
Tuesday. This one only took 10 minutes, but I could really feel the burn. 

Cross Fit: I'm bringing this to the gym and doing 10 min cardio then 10 min sets of these
Wednesday. An intense 20 min.

at home ab workout (crossfit inspired) via eatwatchrun
Thursday. The sit-ups gave me a rug burn on my ass.

At Home CROSSFIT Workout! #crossfit #workout #healthy #fitness
Friday. A good one to do when you have no flipping energy. My variation: I had to do lunges instead of sit-ups, b/c of the rug burn on my derriere.

The Wholesome Heart : At Home CrossFit Workouts!
Saturday. My variations: I did 8 rounds, but the last half I did squats instead of push-ups.

I hope to lose another 4 lbs by the end of July, so I can be at 160 again, finally. I sure am glad it's only taking me a month to get off the weight.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

CrossFit July Week 2 Results and Runolution #8

The Riley Smith Rocks Cancer 5K was both horrible and wonderful.

First of all, it was 80 degrees at 9am when the 5K started. The first mile and a half was downhill, making the second mile and a half all uphill. There was no shade and the heat bore down on me like a tanning bed. I had to run through someone's sprinklers at one point to cool off, and before you judge me, I wasn't the only one. I ran/walked the last half and ended up with a terrible time: 36:14! Embarrassing. I did worse than the time I ran the Law 5K in the rain. Apparently CrossFit isn't making me a better runner, though I don't do well in heat or uphill, so that might have something to do with it too.

(Also, I ran it solo and my phone broke so I have no documented pics of this race. Plus they didn't give out bibs. I got a t-shirt. Pic to come.)

The wonderful part about the race was that we were all there to support Riley Smith and help his family with medical costs. The course was lined with cute quotes from the Smith family. One, written in crayon, said, "I wish cancer would get cancer and die." Another showed a picture of Riley and said, "Smile!" There were several that had quotes from Brandy Smith,Riley's mother, but the one that I remember was, "The most important thing in the world is today." So inspirational and sad that I was crying and running and running and crying. It was very emotional though a wonderful cause, and I'm so glad that I got the chance to contribute.


July 1: 171
Last Weigh-in: 165! (-6lbs)
Today: 167 (+2) (I was extremely bummed about this, until I did my measurements. And I think this is one of those instances where I gained muscle weight, b/c I lost inches all over my body.)
Overall: -4lbs.

July 1: 31 3/4"
Last Weigh-in: 30" (-1 3/4")
Today: 29 3/4" (-1/4")
Overall: -2"

July 1: 46"
Last Weigh-in: 44 1/4" (-1 3/4")
Today: 44" (-1/4")
Overall: -2"

July 1: 28 1/4"
Last Weigh-in: 27 1/4" (-1")
Today: 26 3/4" (-1/2")
Overall: -1 1/2 "

July 1: 13 1/2"
Last Weigh-in:  13 1/2" (No loss.)
Today:13" (-1/2")
Overall: -1/2"

Ok, I am still very annoyed about my weight. I understand that I lost 1 1/2" this week and 6" total, but I wanted to lose pounds too. Not gain them. So I'm modifying my plan for this week. I'm going to keep my calorie intake between 1200-1300 (instead of 12-1400). I think dropping an extra hundred calories will help me lose more weight. If I like the results, I'll do that for the 4th week of July too.

Actually, I'm going on vacation in August and I was thinking of doing a race while vacationing and extending CrossFit July until the day that I leave. I'll decide conclusively by next weigh-in. Fingers crossed that the caloric thing will help.

Chao, dieteers!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Runolution: Riley Rocks Cancer Race # 8

Saturday Morning, I am running the Riley Rocks Cancer 5K. It is for a 5yo boy with Wilms Tumor Cancer. He had to have a 6lbs tumor removed from his kidney and is now undergoing chemo treatments. This is a great cause. Riley's mother had to quit her job to stay home with him and the family needs help with the finances. The boy lives in the community where I teach, which is a very small community full of people willing to help. On Saturday, they are also having an auction, yard sale, food vendors, and lots of family activities.

Here's the article I wrote about Riley and the event.

Here's more info about the event tomorrow.

And here's the family's blog.

CrossFit July Mid-Week Update: Days 8-12

Funniest thing happened.
This week has been especially tiring. I've been less motivated to work out than I usually am, and twice this week I've crashed at the end of the day before we put the kids down. I've taken a couple of naps, and I kept thinking, it's this CrossFit. It's kicking my trash, making me exhausted.

So this morning I go downstairs to get my caffeine fix--Great Value Energy packets (It's like Crystal Light Energy, but a third of the price.) I pull out a lemonade flavor, and think, "Wait a minute. The energy multi-flavor doesn't have lemonade. It has pomegranate lemonade, but not straight up lemonade. So I pick up the package. Lo and behold! No caffeine. I read the ingredients to be sure. My husband bought the packets this time and (whoops!) got the caffeine-free kind. I've been detoxing all week. That explains the headaches, the lethargy.

I'd be really annoyed if I wasn't so relieved that my sleepiness now has a reasonable explanation.

Anyhoo, here are the workouts I did this week.
at home, no equipment, crossfit workout
Monday! I was still barely caffeinated this day. Awesome workout.
Crossfit Workout
Tuesday. I did this one in the pool with my kids on  my back for the push-ups, sitting on my feet for sit-ups, and holding them for the squats. Instead of running, I swam. Very modified, but my body ACHED  the next day.
Good crossfit regimen
Wednesday. One round was enough for me.

At Home CROSSFIT Workout! #crossfit #workout #healthy #fitness
Thursday. By far my favorite. It changes them up enough that I wasn't wiped after the burpees. It also didn't take long, and I still felt worked out.
 I haven't selected today's workout yet.

The scale hasn't moved much this week. I'm wondering if I hit a plateau already. Though it could somehow be related to the fact that my husband accidentally de-caffeinated me. Either way, I still have 3 days left of this week. Wish me luck!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

CrossFit July Week One RESULTS!


Last week: 171
Today: 165! (I seriously lost 6lbs this week! Fist Bump!)

Last week: 31 3/4"
Today: 30" (Almost 2 inches off my waist.)

Last week: 46"
Today: 44 1/4" (I'm thrilled about this, b/c I can really feel the loss in my clothes.)

Last week: 28 1/4"
Today: 27 1/4" (Wish it were more, but I'll take the inch.)

Last week: 13 1/2"
Today:  13 1/2" (No change, and I believe it is because my arms are more muscular from all the burpees and push-ups.)

I could not be more excited about this, and I owe it all to my shoes. =) (And you guys for keeping me motivated by threatening to take my shoes. Love you, friends.)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

CrossFit July Days 3 - 6: Let freedom ring and my quads burn!

Yesterday was the first day that I didn't feel like doing a CrossFit workout. Don't worry, I swear by Guess leather slingbacks that I still did it. I tried to pick an easy wo and it turn out to be HELL. (I'm learning there are rarely easy CrossFit workouts.) Here are workouts 3, 4, 5, and 6 from CrossFit July.
I can't wait for my day off tomorrow.
Crossfit Workout at Home!
Day 3. Hollow Rocks are HARD ROCKS. heh heh.

The Wholesome Heart : At Home CrossFit Workouts!
Day 4: Independence Day Workout! Not so hard, so I did it twice.

Feisty 50 at Home CrossFit Workout - Blonde Ponytail
Day 5 of CrossFit July. A KILLER workout. I had to make two modifications. I couldn't do all of the burpees, so I switched out a 30 of them for plie squats, and I did girly push-ups instead of regulars.
Crossfit Additions and new WODs
Day 6: V-ups suck. And I alternated between lunges and reverse prisoner lunges for variety. I am a fan of this one. Not too hard, but you really feel it in your legs.

My abs feel tighter, clothes looser, and I've lost two pounds.

Diet has been fine too. A little tricky during the 4th of July BBQ, but I had my iPad with me and logged everything into MyFitnessPal so I wouldn't go overboard with the calories. I haven't deprived myself of all sweets and stuff, but I try not to eat them anyway, because they cost me too many calories and don't fill me up. My average daily caloric intake is 1350. (Remember my goal is between 1200-1400 cals.)

Tomorrow, morning, I'll do measurements and a weigh-in and see how week one turned out. =)
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