Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year's Runolution

One woman. 
Thirteen Races. 
One Year. 

It's a New Year's Runolution. 
This year, I will be running 13 races throughout Utah.
(Maybe one in Canada.)
My first official 5K in 2011. Nestle 5K.

Two races in support of my favorite causes.
Two races in support of my friends' favorite causes.
Two runs purely for fun.  
And three virtual runs. 
Two fun runs for a healthier family.
Two runs that push me athletically. 

Click on the links to view my ideal races for this year, but note that many 2013 race dates haven't been posted yet, so these are not my final choices.
Women of Steel 5K. May 2012

So there it is, internets. I've put this out there for the world to see. Accountability is in place. Can I do it? And who's with me?
Big Foot 5K August 2011
It's going to be a wild 2013.
Happy New Year's!

After the Salem Witch 5K, Oct. 2011.

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