Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Race Numero Uno: No Chapstick Necessary

January sucks because of the snow. 

(Unless I'm snowboarding, and then it's awesome.)

And it's so bleeding cold. My lips crack and skin looks reptilian. I started tanning and taking long hot showers just to be warm for a few minutes. Running outdoors gives me a runny nose for a week, and after seeing a photo my neighbors  posted on facebook of the two of them with frozen eyelashes after their 4-mile run outdoors, I thought, "no way." Plus, the air quality in Utah has been awful lately too. I replaced the filters in my home, and I still feel like my allergies are punching me in the sinuses.

My motivational tready

That's why for race numero uno of my New Year's Runolution, I've picked the keenly advertized, UVU sponsored "No Snow 5K and kid run". All indoors. All right with me.

Kids under 8 are free, which makes this ideal for my goals to run at least two races that involve my kids. So on Saturday, January 26th, we'll be running--and I suspect walking and distracted wandering by the 4 yo--a 5K together. The kids will get t-shirts too, and afterwards, we'll be enjoying a free pancake breakfast.

The kids and I on New Year's Eve. I love them so dang much.

Best part: Proceeds support the Habitat for Humanity house. I can't give much, but at least I can do this.

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