Saturday, January 26, 2013

Running for Habitat for Humanity

Today, my kids and I ran the first race of the Runolution New Year; a 5K that supported the Habitat for Humanity of Utah County.

Helping the community one kilometer at a time.

The race started off awesome. The three of us jogged through the buildings of UVU, which (to most students' delight, especially in the winter months) are connected by long hallways, fueled by the anticipation of competition and (for the kids) trying something new that could highlight their individual athleticism.

Pre-race pose on UVU's classic car couch.

Around building number three, Lane couldn't handle it anymore. She and I did a workout a couple of days ago, with some lunges and squats, and since she didn't stretch well afterward, one of her legs bothered her very early in the race. 

Sprinting through the Student Center.

 Luckily, her dad works at UVU. I was able to contact him, and we met up. She sat out 1 1/2 laps around the course (we were supposed to run the course 3 times) and played video games at her dad's desk instead. So NOT what I pictured during my first family-oriented race, but like I said, she had an injury.

Limping through the Liberal Arts Building.

 Vin was a trooper. Of the two of them, I figured the 4yo would be the one to poop out early, but he stuck it out. At one point, he said he wanted to quit, but changed his mind and pushed on. However, his problem is that he has no pacing skills. When Vin is running, he is sprinting. He speeds across the floor as fast as he can, until he reaches some external marker, a doorway, a pattern on the tile, a kiosk, and then rests until I catch up.

Vin did not know how to pose like he was running. lol.
Sometimes we walked. Sometimes I gave him a piggy-back ride, and sometimes we both jogged/sprinted through the course.

Vin was also uber competitive. If he saw that a little kid was just ahead of him, he'd dash ahead, pass the kid, then glance back with expression that said, "You're lucky this race doesn't allow somersaults, 'cause I'd have lapped you twice, punk."
Vin: They don't call me Sonic for nothing.
When we only had about 2/3rds of the race left, we met up with Lane again, so she could finish strong. She did surprisingly well, and at one point even declared, "Mom! I got my Run back!" We made it back to the finish line with a time of 1 hour and 2 minutes. Worst time ever. Best time ever. [wink.]

After the race we had a pancake with Nutella breakfast (courtesy of the sponsors) as well as oatmeal and orange juice.

The race's tee design was pretty awesome. We were fortune enough to sit at the table with the shirt's logo designer and chatted with him for a little while about the benefit of racing indoors in winter, especially with all the smog. He even gave Lane a lesson in inversion, which was way too advanced for an 8 yo, (guy used terms like "pollution" and "vertical temperature gradient"), but I found it fascinating. (Especially since I usually explain it like this: "Inversion is when clouds cork up the valley." OR "It's like we are in a toilet bowl and the clouds are the lid, and we keep breathing toilet air."

Turns out there's a lot more to it.

Love that melted snowman. Isn't it the cutest decapitated head you've ever seen? Is it still decapitation if the body is there, but in liquid state? I guess it hasn't been lobbed off. Its body is in a mutated state. It's like if the snowman had a metamorphosis stage, like a butterfly. Only in reverse, 'cause a puddle of slush and former facial features has got to be the ugly caterpillar stage, right?

Mine should read, "Ran in brief spurts to catch up to my kid or skipped with my daughter, but mostly we walked to get more Utah families out of the cold and into safe affordable housing."
Overall, The No Snow 5K was a success.
I'd do it again next year.

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