Friday, February 22, 2013

Race II: Hale Freezes Over

First of all. Did you know. That you can write off. Your race registration fees on your taxes. If you were supporting a good cause???


How did I not know this! Here's where I got my info, which I found while hunting down another race.

The Hale Freezes Over 5K in support of Hale Theater.

I'm a fan of the arts. I've been bellowing the lyrics to Les Mis and Phantom of the Opera since before that awkward age that when teachers send home a personal hygiene note and a coupon for Degree.

So this was the race I was going to do until I realized I had to proctor the ACT test that Saturday.

When: Feb. 9th @ 10am
Where: Hale Theater in Orem
Why: To support educational programs of the Hale Center Academy for the Performing Arts
Cost: $25 (BUT it also includes a tee and 2 vouchers to a play!)

It would've been awesome, but alas, I had school responsibilities.
However, don't believe that I gave up the run all together. I did a virtual run on my tready.

4.6 miles, mostly running, some walking.
690 calories burned.
I am trying really hard to lose the 13 lbs I put on over the past year. It's been a stressful year, and frankly I'm surprised I didn't balloon up like a cartoon pink elephant. My hard work is paying off too, as I lost 3 pounds this week! Here are some of the other workouts I've done on the tready:

  •  February 8 at 7:10am
    ‎3.5 miles on tready yesterday AND I am going snowboarding today for 4 hrs! So excited!
    Snowboarding with my good friend, Jeff.
  • February 6 at 11:34am
    Didn't feel like working out, so I'm just walking on the tready. I'ts been an hour, 3 miles, and 473 cals. I feel ok about it.
  • February 4 at 10:25pm
    ‎4.5 miles on tready this morning!
    Here's the crappy news. I tried to prove to my kids that I could still do a back-bend walkover, and totally threw out my back. Stupid 31-year-old body. Now, I'm hunched over and in the kind of pain that makes me a total grouch and completely useless as a mom. Good thing Rick has been really supportive during these rough times. He's good like that. 

    Chao, dieteers. Til next time.

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