Friday, March 8, 2013

The Douglass Diaries Redefines Stress

You know how I'm always saying that when life gets stressful, I binge like it's Thanksgiving?  This is a terrible habit for me. I've lost more than 60 lbs, and I have to make daily choices to keep it off. Still there are times that are so stressful either at work or home that I throw the diet to the wind, buy a pound of peanut m&ms, and gorge.

Most of the time I felt justified. But then...I read THIS POST . It kinda makes everything that I've ever been through seem like small sauce in comparison.

That said, I've done a killer job for a couple of weeks. Mostly 'cause I found out I'm going on vacation! Vacations always set a great deadline for me. I wanna look my best in the pictures, and I'm seeing friends I haven't seen in 2-4 years. I'm highly motivated to look fab for my trip.

Guess where I'm going?

No, not Disney World again.

No, not Vegas.

Guess again.

More on this later.


  1. Totally gained 8 pounds during all this.

  2. Only eight? Man, I wish I had only put on eight this year.


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