Friday, April 5, 2013

"Binge? Party of one?"

You know how I'm always saying that stress is such an influential factor in my attempts to lose weight, but then I'm irritatingly vague about the cause of my stress.

...Well that's not entirely true. Sometimes I'm direct about how my stress from one of my three jobs (or all of my 3 jobs simultaneously) pushes me to binge on sweet calories. But over the past year, my jobs aren't the main reason why all my hard work with The Redbook Experiment (the former name of The Spartan Experiment) has been undone. Thing is, Spartans, I've gained back every pound I lost in 2011.

If you are making this face, =O, I don't blame you. 

What I weighed at the end of 2011: 153
Current Weight: 167

I would normally go into a defensive tirade about how I just got off vacation where I spent a week in a beach house in OBX, NC, ate junk food all week, hardly worked out, and it's not my fault I consumed 2 of those key lime pie cupcakes and half a dozen ice cream bars. But if I'm being honest--REALLY honest--that is a double scoop of excuses.
Best thing I've ever had in my mouth. (Lindsay, no wonder your store was featured on The Bachelor. It's a wonder he didn't just chuck the other ladies for you after tasting one of these ah-MAZING concoctions.)

Another example of deliciously unhealthy food I ate on vaca. It's lobster-stuffed lasagna @ Dirty Dick's
And I had a bite of my friend's crab-stuffed mushroom @ Dirty Dick's.

True, I did work out on my vacation.

Sunday: 45 min of Centergy courtesy of my new friend, Ariella, whose hair I envy.
Tuesday: 45 min of Centergy and a hour and 15 minute walk on the beach for a total of 6.36km (with my new friend Kathy.)
A Centergy/Yoga move I learned.

Wednesday: A long leisurely walk on the beach with my sister.
A pre-pedicured pic of my bestie from HS, Kristal, and I daring to stick our feet in the freezing ocean. My sister did give the girls in the house manis, pedis, massages, haircuts, facials, and other spa treatments. We lucked out having her there this year.

Friday: A 3.65km run on the beach. (How do I know the exact number of kilometers? SportsTracker. Get it. You'll love it. )
The view from our back porch at the beach house.

Saturday: Lastly, a 5K in support of Cerebral Palsy of Virginia, where, my dear Spartan women, I ran my fastest 5K to date! 31min. on the nose. I came in 3rd in my age bracket! Woot! Here's a link to a video of my race. Plus, this Spartan woman then flew home that afternoon. (I don't recommend this. I've had jet lag for days.)
Post race. Feeling like a powerful Spartan woman.

See, working out wasn't the issue. Rather, it was binging on all the junk food or eating unhealthy meals. But still. That was only one week out of the year and 3 months that it took to put the weight back on.

What was the stress that made my weight loss struggles that much more challenging during 2012?

The truth?

It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what the hell I've been going through. The truth is, I put myself and health on the back burner last year. I let stress drive my eating habits, and I lost control. The fact that I did that makes me want to punch myself in the ovaries. (It wouldn't do any good but give me a wonky period.) 

Clearly I need to make some changes. Time to start counting EVERY calorie again. My workouts have been just fine, but I am consuming too many calories. Too much input. I need to be more accountable, and that means I'll be seeing a lot more of you, Spartans, as I'll be spending a lot more time blogging my progress and life events.

See you soon!

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