Thursday, April 11, 2013

I suck.

My sugar cravings are driving me up the wall. If I had any money left in the food budget this week, I'd be binging on a bucket of ice cream right now. GAH. This is hard.

2 Healthy cookies [I couldn't find the recipe I actually used, but it also had apples, maple syrup, cinnamon and almond butter.]
10 baby carrots

Paleo chicken and sausage gumbo

At work I ate three small bags of sweet tarts and a Spiderman sucker. [PTSA were honoring teachers with sweets. I could've turned it down, but I totally didn't.]
Two Tbs of almond butter
10 baby carrots
2 more healthy cookies

1/2 lb of paleo pork

I think I'm doing a terrible job getting back on track. Stupid sweets. Detoxing is hard.

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