Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's Teacher Appreciation Week again. What happened to good ol' fashioned apples?

It seems like this should be my goal for next year as this is The Spartan Experiment. I don't have that kinda dough this year, and I already signed up for the Dirty Dash. I'll have to plan for it next year.

Update on how I'm doing on counting calories:

I've done it for two days. Forgot one day. Not going well.

It's Teacher Appreciation Week again, and every day there will be treats in the faculty room for us. Yesterday, I had two chocolate chip cookies the size of wide-mouthed mason jar lid. They were good. Stupid delicious treats.
I'm eating a salad for lunch today. Most of the meals in between have been healthy and Paleo.


Monday: I ran 2 1/2 miles and walked 1/2 on tready.
Tues: Walked on tready for 45 min.
Wed: Took my son with me on a bike ride (He rode, I ran) to the park. 4.1K! That's 2 1/2 miles.

So far workouts are getting better. (I slacked off after my vacation, because I got really sick with the flu. It made me so lethargic. It was the worst.)

Stress Levels: 

I've got two deadlines in 2 days, and until 20 minutes ago, I couldn't get in touch with one of my contacts.
Just found out about $600 financial burden that wasn't there yesterday.  =(
Lesson plans for tomorrow are not done.
Slept ok last night.
Started my period.

I'd say my stress level is HIGH, borderlining PANIC ATTACK. All I wanna do is motorboat a bag of peanut m&ms and watch the new episode of Bones on hulu. But, alas, there's work to be done.

Stay tuned for info on my April Runolution Race.

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