Monday, April 22, 2013

The 4th Race: Pay It Forward and skating rink

At the Pay It Forward race, the kids and I managed to run a 13 minute mile! And Lane finished the race. I was so proud of them both.
Medal Ceremony

Getting ready for the run

It rained all day and the slides were wet. These are some disappointed kiddos.

Proud mommy. And "sour grapes" kids. (No, really. Lane dropped her grapes in the dirt.)

"Mom, let's go to the skating rink!"

"Okie dokie."

They wouldn't hold still for a good picture.
I figured I burned about 120 calories at the race and about 350 calories roller-blading with the kids for 2 hours. Eating is going ok. Had a couple of slip-ups. I ate a couple cookies at the rink.

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