Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5th race: Bob LoBlaw Law Blog

(I may be referencing Arrested Development a bit as I'm right in the middle of watching the 4th season on Netflix. Hizzah!)

It's been a while since I've updated you on my Runolution, so here are the photos from my 5th race of the year. The Law 5K: Justice and Exercise for all! (Seriously, that's what the t-shirt says.) I went to this race with my sister M on May 18th early in the morning. She intended on walking it, but by the time we got lined up it was raining. The intensity of the rain was somewhere between pouring and a drizzle. So she decided to sit it out.

(Left to right: me, and my lawyer sister, M. M. is a MUCH better lawyer than Barry.)

I ran it anyway, because what kind of Runolutionist would I was intimidated by a little lot of rain. So I put on my new birthday sneakers and ran like Buster running swimming? from a seal (or Lucille, 1 or 2).

You'd think the rain and cold would make a person run faster right?


I was freezing and miserable the first mile, which by the way was all up hill. I got half way up that hill and had to walk the rest of the way, because it got very steep. (I wasn't the only walker.) After that I found my stride and pushed myself harder. The last two miles weaved through the University of Utah campus and was really beautiful. Since previously, I had only ever driven past campus, the run through it was a cool experience and I could often be caught looking all around me with wide eyes.

I finished with a terrible time. It was a little over 35 min.

Soaking wet (not with ham water).
Ah well. Still glad I did it. It was my first rainy race. =) We stayed for some of the awards, and I kicked myself for not pushing harder, because the 1st place winners in each age category got, not a medal, but their own GAVEL!  o.O

Maybe next year.

Friday, May 10, 2013

It's my birthday, and I'll run if I want to.

My haul:

My birthday was last weekend.
I turned 28.
I wish.

Truthfully, I'm reaching the age where I'm too embarrassed to be honest. Put it this way, when my 8yo daughter gets her driver's license, I'll be 40! Argh. Aging sucks. I would like to thank facebook for reminding all of my friends to give me a little message on my birthday. It's one of facebook's better functions. Thanks for all the b-day wishes and for the presents from  my friends and family. I got some other shoes, a new book, a bike, and a couple of great nights with friends. Rick also took me to see Iron Man 3. Icing on the cake. =)

Actually, I didn't have b-day cake this year. I did have half a root beer float and some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, but no cake.

For my 5th race, I'll be running the Law Day 5K in Salt Lake City with my brilliant sister, M. This will be her very first race, and even though she plans on mostly walking it, I'm proud of her for doing it. And I'm gonna wear my new running shoes. =)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Am I sick or something?

Lately, I haven't felt myself. If you followed my blog at all over the last couple years, you know that I usually I have the energy of a hummingbird. I work out 3-5 times a week, work 3 jobs, raise 2 kids, garden, babysit, cook like a stevedore...who cooks. Seriously, children with ADHD wish they could have my temperament.

But more recently, I've felt listless, unmotivated, and so damn tired. I get home from work and sleep for 1-2 hours. I'm napping like a pregnant woman in her 3rd trimester. (If you're wondering if that's the problem? It's not.) I've had weeks like this in the past, but I've felt this way for about two months now, and I've had weight gain, even though I've been pretty strict with myself. I'm exercising regularly, but basic workouts will now wipe me out, and it's nap time again. Additional symptoms: body aches, and middle back pain.

What the hell is wrong with me? Am I sick or something?

The hypocondriac in me is all, "It's cancer! You're going to die." But the realist in me said, "Go to the doctor and figure this out."

So I did.

I'm waiting for the blood work to come back.

Fingers crossed that I'm not patient zero in the zombie apocalypse.
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