Friday, May 10, 2013

It's my birthday, and I'll run if I want to.

My haul:

My birthday was last weekend.
I turned 28.
I wish.

Truthfully, I'm reaching the age where I'm too embarrassed to be honest. Put it this way, when my 8yo daughter gets her driver's license, I'll be 40! Argh. Aging sucks. I would like to thank facebook for reminding all of my friends to give me a little message on my birthday. It's one of facebook's better functions. Thanks for all the b-day wishes and for the presents from  my friends and family. I got some other shoes, a new book, a bike, and a couple of great nights with friends. Rick also took me to see Iron Man 3. Icing on the cake. =)

Actually, I didn't have b-day cake this year. I did have half a root beer float and some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, but no cake.

For my 5th race, I'll be running the Law Day 5K in Salt Lake City with my brilliant sister, M. This will be her very first race, and even though she plans on mostly walking it, I'm proud of her for doing it. And I'm gonna wear my new running shoes. =)

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