Monday, June 10, 2013

Caffeine makes mommy happy.

I've been watching reruns of Gilmore Girls. (I have a major girl-crush on Lauren Graham.) I know that no one can eat their weight in Red Vines and cheeseburgers and look as good as Lorelai and Rory, but I totally get how Lorelai got so much done in a day. It's because the only liquid in her diet was coffee. She often jokes about how she would take it in an IV drip if possible. I can relate. Only not with coffee, with caffeine.

Long story short...I'm back on the caffeine. Crystal Light Energy to be specific. And I have all kinds of energy! Seriously. For the past couple weeks, my daughter had cheer practice three times a week at the high school, and my son and I went biking or running for 45 min. each day at the adjacent park. We did a couple of miles each time.
Lane after her cheer performance. Go, Lane, Go!
 I ran a 5K on my treadmill last Friday, and I took my kids for a mile walk yesterday. I've done a couple toning workouts, and I've been watching my calories like a mad-woman. I've had lots of salads, baked chicken and veggies, and I've been using myfitnesspal religiously.

My motivational wall is looking pretty good. (Not all race numbers shown.)

More motivational stuff.
So far I've lost a pound, but I'm not discouraged. I've been very dedicated and feel much healthier. Already my clothes aren't as snug. I expect by next week, I'll have lost a couple more pounds if things keep going the way they do.
We bike to this splash pad. 5 miles round trip.

Also, can you lose weight playing Rock Band? Because if so, I prolly burned a butt-load of calories belting out the lyrics to "One Way or Another" or songs by Pearl Jam and The Offspring for 3 hours last weekend. Got a date to play again this weekend with friends. I'm going to aim high and try the Beastie Boys. What! [Fist bump.]

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