Saturday, June 1, 2013

Somehow this post combines fat Val Kilmer, pleather, and VD.

So I just got this email:

Do you know what project I submitted to work on at this retreat? My weight loss memoir. So I guess you know what that means; it's time to lose the stupid weight I managed to gain last year. I can't, in good conscience, work on a my weight loss memoir when it's very purpose is contradicted by my current waistline. True, I only put on like 13 lbs., after losing 70, but still, if I ever sell this book, my body will be like a billboard for the memoir. And I don't want my billboard to have a fat ass.

A lot of things have been working against me in my efforts to lose the weight thus far.
Remember when I got my blood work done b/c I knew something was off about my health? The results came back showing I had low vitamin D levels. My doctor prescribed 2,000 units of vitamin D. I started doing this, but after a conversation with my friend (and photographer) Angie, I remembered, I probably get the most sun than anyone I know. I'm ALWAYS outside tanning, gardening, watering the lawn, biking, running, whatever. So then I thought maybe I didn't have enough vitamin K, which is the one that helps absorb the VD. (I'm abbreviating for vitamin D here. Don't mistake it for venereal disease. Besides, I don't think vitamin K affects traditional VD in any way. But I'm no doctor. Maybe I should check on that before spouting off like I know anything about VD...which I don't. And a quick google search brought up this article, about babies, eye drops, and VD. So, I was pretty much right. Just call me Dr. Google.) So, I looked up foods with vitamin K to see if I was eating any of those. Here's the list:

Foods with VK (Again, I'm abbreviating for vitamin K, not Val Kilmer, though, I would eat any meal with Val Kilmer, let's get that straight right now.) ((Uh, SIDEBAR: A google search of "Val Kilmer eating" brought me to this gem:
(But does he love ham water?) photo credit:

And did you guys know that VK struggles with his weight too? Man, I gotta watch more TMZ. I never thought I'd say that. It's like saying, "I should watch more Kardashians" or "My wardrobe needs more pleather." or "I'm really not prancercising enough."

What's prancercise, you ask? Check it out:

You're welcome.

Back to the point: Vitamin K foods
(Info found at this site: Top 10 Foods Highest in VK)

#1: Herbs (Dried and Fresh)
#2: Dark Leafy Greens: Collards, Cress, Spinach, Turnip Greens, Mustard Greens, Beet Greens, Swiss Chard, Broccoli Raab, Radicchio, and Lettuce.
#3: Spring Onions (Scallions)
#4: Brussels Sprouts
#5: Broccoli
#6: Chili Powder, Curry, Paprika, and Cayenne
#7: Asparagus
#8: Cabbage
#9: Pickled Cucumber
#10: Prunes

I eat four of these foods fairly regularly, but I upped my intake of both VK and VD and still didn't notice much of a change in my energy. In fact, it kinda seemed like I had less. (Though, it's likely that it was due to stress from the last month of teaching.)

Here's what I think is going on. I quit drinking caffeine back in February, and then in March I went on vacation and ate TERRIBLY. I gained 5 lbs in March and never was able to lose that weight. That is VERY UNUSUAL for me. I usually kick it into high gear, and lose vacation weight within a couple weeks, if that. This time? Not so much. I think caffeine was that added boost I needed to push through the tiredness to work out harder and more frequently.

Long story short, I'm going back on caffeine to see if it will help me drop the weight.
photo credit:

Also, the Apple gods conspired against me when my myfitnesspal app stopped working for 2 weeks. I tried updating it. Nothing. I tried trashing it and re-downloading it. Still frozen! How does that even happen??? So then I trashed it, waited a week, and tried it again. It worked. Thank you, Apple gods! It's much easier to track my calories with that app.

Now, I'm back in business.

My new goal: Lose 10 lbs by the retreat at the end of July.
Pie in the sky goal: (pecan pie) Lose 20 lbs by the end of July.
Of course it always helps to have a deadline, and this one is very important to me. =)
Wish me luck.

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