Saturday, July 6, 2013

CrossFit July Days 3 - 6: Let freedom ring and my quads burn!

Yesterday was the first day that I didn't feel like doing a CrossFit workout. Don't worry, I swear by Guess leather slingbacks that I still did it. I tried to pick an easy wo and it turn out to be HELL. (I'm learning there are rarely easy CrossFit workouts.) Here are workouts 3, 4, 5, and 6 from CrossFit July.
I can't wait for my day off tomorrow.
Crossfit Workout at Home!
Day 3. Hollow Rocks are HARD ROCKS. heh heh.

The Wholesome Heart : At Home CrossFit Workouts!
Day 4: Independence Day Workout! Not so hard, so I did it twice.

Feisty 50 at Home CrossFit Workout - Blonde Ponytail
Day 5 of CrossFit July. A KILLER workout. I had to make two modifications. I couldn't do all of the burpees, so I switched out a 30 of them for plie squats, and I did girly push-ups instead of regulars.
Crossfit Additions and new WODs
Day 6: V-ups suck. And I alternated between lunges and reverse prisoner lunges for variety. I am a fan of this one. Not too hard, but you really feel it in your legs.

My abs feel tighter, clothes looser, and I've lost two pounds.

Diet has been fine too. A little tricky during the 4th of July BBQ, but I had my iPad with me and logged everything into MyFitnessPal so I wouldn't go overboard with the calories. I haven't deprived myself of all sweets and stuff, but I try not to eat them anyway, because they cost me too many calories and don't fill me up. My average daily caloric intake is 1350. (Remember my goal is between 1200-1400 cals.)

Tomorrow, morning, I'll do measurements and a weigh-in and see how week one turned out. =)

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