Friday, July 12, 2013

CrossFit July Mid-Week Update: Days 8-12

Funniest thing happened.
This week has been especially tiring. I've been less motivated to work out than I usually am, and twice this week I've crashed at the end of the day before we put the kids down. I've taken a couple of naps, and I kept thinking, it's this CrossFit. It's kicking my trash, making me exhausted.

So this morning I go downstairs to get my caffeine fix--Great Value Energy packets (It's like Crystal Light Energy, but a third of the price.) I pull out a lemonade flavor, and think, "Wait a minute. The energy multi-flavor doesn't have lemonade. It has pomegranate lemonade, but not straight up lemonade. So I pick up the package. Lo and behold! No caffeine. I read the ingredients to be sure. My husband bought the packets this time and (whoops!) got the caffeine-free kind. I've been detoxing all week. That explains the headaches, the lethargy.

I'd be really annoyed if I wasn't so relieved that my sleepiness now has a reasonable explanation.

Anyhoo, here are the workouts I did this week.
at home, no equipment, crossfit workout
Monday! I was still barely caffeinated this day. Awesome workout.
Crossfit Workout
Tuesday. I did this one in the pool with my kids on  my back for the push-ups, sitting on my feet for sit-ups, and holding them for the squats. Instead of running, I swam. Very modified, but my body ACHED  the next day.
Good crossfit regimen
Wednesday. One round was enough for me.

At Home CROSSFIT Workout! #crossfit #workout #healthy #fitness
Thursday. By far my favorite. It changes them up enough that I wasn't wiped after the burpees. It also didn't take long, and I still felt worked out.
 I haven't selected today's workout yet.

The scale hasn't moved much this week. I'm wondering if I hit a plateau already. Though it could somehow be related to the fact that my husband accidentally de-caffeinated me. Either way, I still have 3 days left of this week. Wish me luck!

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