Sunday, July 14, 2013

CrossFit July Week 2 Results and Runolution #8

The Riley Smith Rocks Cancer 5K was both horrible and wonderful.

First of all, it was 80 degrees at 9am when the 5K started. The first mile and a half was downhill, making the second mile and a half all uphill. There was no shade and the heat bore down on me like a tanning bed. I had to run through someone's sprinklers at one point to cool off, and before you judge me, I wasn't the only one. I ran/walked the last half and ended up with a terrible time: 36:14! Embarrassing. I did worse than the time I ran the Law 5K in the rain. Apparently CrossFit isn't making me a better runner, though I don't do well in heat or uphill, so that might have something to do with it too.

(Also, I ran it solo and my phone broke so I have no documented pics of this race. Plus they didn't give out bibs. I got a t-shirt. Pic to come.)

The wonderful part about the race was that we were all there to support Riley Smith and help his family with medical costs. The course was lined with cute quotes from the Smith family. One, written in crayon, said, "I wish cancer would get cancer and die." Another showed a picture of Riley and said, "Smile!" There were several that had quotes from Brandy Smith,Riley's mother, but the one that I remember was, "The most important thing in the world is today." So inspirational and sad that I was crying and running and running and crying. It was very emotional though a wonderful cause, and I'm so glad that I got the chance to contribute.


July 1: 171
Last Weigh-in: 165! (-6lbs)
Today: 167 (+2) (I was extremely bummed about this, until I did my measurements. And I think this is one of those instances where I gained muscle weight, b/c I lost inches all over my body.)
Overall: -4lbs.

July 1: 31 3/4"
Last Weigh-in: 30" (-1 3/4")
Today: 29 3/4" (-1/4")
Overall: -2"

July 1: 46"
Last Weigh-in: 44 1/4" (-1 3/4")
Today: 44" (-1/4")
Overall: -2"

July 1: 28 1/4"
Last Weigh-in: 27 1/4" (-1")
Today: 26 3/4" (-1/2")
Overall: -1 1/2 "

July 1: 13 1/2"
Last Weigh-in:  13 1/2" (No loss.)
Today:13" (-1/2")
Overall: -1/2"

Ok, I am still very annoyed about my weight. I understand that I lost 1 1/2" this week and 6" total, but I wanted to lose pounds too. Not gain them. So I'm modifying my plan for this week. I'm going to keep my calorie intake between 1200-1300 (instead of 12-1400). I think dropping an extra hundred calories will help me lose more weight. If I like the results, I'll do that for the 4th week of July too.

Actually, I'm going on vacation in August and I was thinking of doing a race while vacationing and extending CrossFit July until the day that I leave. I'll decide conclusively by next weigh-in. Fingers crossed that the caloric thing will help.

Chao, dieteers!

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