Sunday, July 21, 2013

CrossFit July Week 3 results!

Bet you thought I forgot to blog my results.
I didn't. I've been kinda busy today.
I had to clip my dog's toenails. Sounds like an excuse, but it seriously is a major event. (And not the only thing I did today.)

Also, I've been a little preoccupied on account that I GOT INTO GRAD SCHOOL! Booyah! I found out yesterday and took my kids to Walgreen's for ice cream cones (b/c our favorite mom-n-pop shop was closed), but after scanning the calories on the prepackaged frozen treats, I settled for Fitness magazine. 

Here's how I did last week, et al:

July 1: 171
Week 1 Results: 165! (-6lbs)
Week 2 Results: 167 (+2)
Today: 164 (-3)
Overall: -7lbs.

July 1: 31 3/4"
Week 1 Results: 30" (-1 3/4")
Week 2 Results: 29 3/4" (-1/4")
Today: 29 1/2" (-1/4")
Overall: -2 1/4"

July 1: 46"
Week 1 Results: 44 1/4" (-1 3/4")
Week 2 Results: 44" (-1/4")
Today: 44 (no change)
Overall: -2"

July 1: 28 1/4"
Week 1 Results: 27 1/4" (-1")
Week 2 Results: 26 3/4" (-1/2")
 Today: 26 3/4" (no change)
Overall: -1 1/2 "

July 1: 13 1/2"
Week 1 Results:  13 1/2" (No loss.)
Week 2 Results:13" (-1/2")
Today: 13" (no change)
Overall: -1/2"

My measurements are pretty much the same, but I lost three pounds this week. It appears that reducing my caloric intake by another 100 a day worked last week. This week, I'm pushing harder. I'm going to attempt to keep the caloric intake at or below 1200 a day. That's my goal. Shoes on the table.

CrossFit is kicking my trash. I am tired and sore all the time. It is wearing on me. I think I'm going to push for a few CF cardio/running workouts and in between mellow CF workouts, like the 9min. AMRAP one. It's been hard to find a good balance between working out to get toned and fit vs. 24 hr exhaustion, which is not the goal. Here's what I did this week.

CrossFit WOD that you can do at home or in the gym- just need some weights!
Monday. My variation: 10 burpees, 10 kbs, 10 sit-ups, 400 meter run, and repeat 5 times (except for the run, that was only done 4 times.)

The Wholesome Heart : At Home CrossFit Workouts!
Tuesday. This one only took 10 minutes, but I could really feel the burn. 

Cross Fit: I'm bringing this to the gym and doing 10 min cardio then 10 min sets of these
Wednesday. An intense 20 min.

at home ab workout (crossfit inspired) via eatwatchrun
Thursday. The sit-ups gave me a rug burn on my ass.

At Home CROSSFIT Workout! #crossfit #workout #healthy #fitness
Friday. A good one to do when you have no flipping energy. My variation: I had to do lunges instead of sit-ups, b/c of the rug burn on my derriere.

The Wholesome Heart : At Home CrossFit Workouts!
Saturday. My variations: I did 8 rounds, but the last half I did squats instead of push-ups.

I hope to lose another 4 lbs by the end of July, so I can be at 160 again, finally. I sure am glad it's only taking me a month to get off the weight.

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