Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mid-week progress during CrossFit July

Day one (yesterday) was a success!
(If you don't know about my CrossFit/Shoe challenge, read THIS post first.) 

I always forget how much extra food I'm eating until I start logging every calorie. And believe me, I have been counting EVERY CALORIE. For example, when I licked of little muffin batter from my finger, I logged it into MyFitnessPal. When I ate a handful of almonds, and wasn't sure how many calories were in a handful, I researched it. (There are about 23 whole raw kernels in one ounce and 7 calories per kernel. My handful is about 16-18 kernels, therefore...112-126 calories per handful, and I count each one to have an exact number.) When I fixed dinner, I knew exactly how many sweet potato fries I could have without exceeding my daily allotted intake (1200-1400 calories).

It's been hard. I ended day one with a total of 1358 calories.Unnervingly close.

Day two has been easier thus far. I calculated breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner and I still have room for another hundred calories if I get hungry.

My day two work out kicked my trash.
 The Wholesome Heart : At Home CrossFit Workouts!
My legs were all rubbery after the burpee reps, but I have to say the push-ups were easier than yesterday. Though my muscles are achy today. Keep in mind that my caloric intake is not subtracting the calories I burned during my workout, which is the way MyFitnessPal calculates the totals, much to my dismay.

What is on the chopping block if I screw up? These babies.
Today, my sister and I went shopping and I tried on all these shoes (didn't buy any, btw) and got all emotional about the idea of having to get rid of my shoes. I tell you what, this has been the biggest motivator for weight loss I've ever done.

Here are pics of my boots. Aren't they gorgeous?

From left to right: My faux Uggs wedges; my suede, chocolate brown spiked-heels;, and my Buffy boots: faux leather, exposed zipper, and sexy heel (while still sturdy enough to kick vampire butt).

On the left, my newest acquisition: tan faux leather fierce heel boots. And on the right: My grey short heel boots that my sister is always coveting.
 This post is just solidifying my resolve not to screw this up.

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