Tuesday, August 6, 2013

CrossFit July completed!

I finished.
Completed my goal!
And didn't lose my shoes.

However, my last day of CrossFit July was the first day of a 4-day writing retreat in Heber. I was holed up for 4 days in a cabin so big it was meandering.

It was so big, I never explored one whole floor.
I spent those glorious days writing my memoir, hiking, and binging three different types of cookies provided by the other writers.


(Don't worry, I was good on my last day of CrossFit July and I even did two different CrossFit workouts in one of the cabin's 3 living rooms. I taught some of the other writers how to do a burpee. I also went hiking and took a long walk around and under the house about 15-20 times.)

One of several porches.

On my last day, I couldn't measure or weigh myself, because I wasn't home. The cabin had a television that can only be described as the love child of a jumbotron and a cinema, but no scale.

Back at home the scale says 164, which is fine with me. I am taking a break from workouts this week, mostly because I threw my back out and I'm hunched over like a lichen. Also, things got a little stressful. The family an broke down--our only vehicle--and it's going to cost close to grand to fix. I had to cancel our family vacation to pay for it, and now Vin needs glasses for kindergarten. I'm not sure what that will cost. Fortunately, I have eye insurance. Lane's been using broken frames, taped together at the corner with packing tape. Plus, I got into grad school--YEAH!--but they're asking for $250 deposit to hold my place in the program. = P


It's hard not to get discouraged with stuff like this happens all at once, but I'm keeping my head up. I told the kids they'd get new school clothes in September, and that the vacation was "postponed" rather than cancelled, though it may be postponed for a year. The good news is that our garden is producing more tomatoes than we can handle. The neighbors are either going to love or hate me at the end of the summer, as I will be leaving the extra on doorsteps until the first frosts of October. 

As soon as my back heals, I'll be back on the treadmill. I miss running. That was a downside to CrossFit, not enough running for me. The plan is to continue watching my calories, keeping them between 1200-1300 a day, and then alternating running with CrossFit workouts, so that I'm working out 5 days a week. That should be plenty when school starts.

Oh yeah. Did I mention I start teaching again at the end of the month? [sigh.]

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