Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rock On!

This Spartan has been very busy. Whether it's been my new obsession with rock climbing, running a Halloween race, celebrating my daughter's 9th birthday, wrapping up the end of the term, or working on grad school deadlines like a writing-Stevedore life has been kicking my butt.

Here's a photo journey of my last rock-climbing expedition. I go with a former college professor, oddly enough. RJ and I have tons of fun. I've been 3 different times and we try to go once a week. The last time we each did 6 climbs, and of course every time I challenge myself to climb more challenging paths. The most difficult one was a 5.9. I couldn't get to the top without cheating--and resting--a couple times.

This was one of the easier climbs. 

At the top, yo! 

RJ on belay
Pics of the Halloween race to come.

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