Monday, November 11, 2013

Two to go...

October and the beginning of November were not what I expected. I hoped to workout every other day, at the very least, but my parents decided to move. A couple weeks after they put their house on the market, they got a great offer. I've spent every extra minute over there helping them pack, move furniture to their storage unit or to their apartment (temporary--until they build a house). Finally, they closed last week, I ran on the treadmill the day after helping them clean the house from top to bottom. 
3.2 miles in 36:34 min. I walked part of it.

Between grad school, teaching, parenting, moving, and writing, I had COMPLETELY forgotten about the scale, and my goal to lose 10 lbs before my vacation. Still, oblivious, I caught a bug that my husband had earlier in the week, and on Friday, when I was in the middle of a work day, I started getting so woozy, that I literally had to sit at the back of the room in my desk chair while my students worked on their projects. Then after 5th period, I puked in a trashcan behind my podium. That seemed to also launch a 12 body-ache fest. I had the worst night sleep and couldn't take anything for the pain, because I was afraid I'd throw it up. The next day I could only eat a slice of bread, a few flour tortillas (non-consecutively), and a cup of fruit. 

Right after my run, I decided to update my motivation panel. Notice I put a rock-climber on this one? 
By yesterday night, I felt somewhat better, but still plagued with exhaustion. I managed to do one load of dishes before collapsing back into bed. In the morning, I stepped on the scale for the first time in a while. I knew that because I'd been so sick, and, consequently, not eating, that it had to be low, but I never expected it to be 159! I may just meet my goal after all. I have to, or I can't go on vacation with my family. I only have 2 lbs to lose by next Sunday. It should be easy, assuming my health snaps back. Today, I could only make it through sacrament, and then I had Rick take me home. I've been sporadically napping ever since. But, I'm hoping to be able to go rock climbing twice this week, if possible, and running in between. My diet is doing fine, my appetite--thankfully--diminished since I've been sick. (Remember, I have a voracious appetite and, when I'm not careful, can turn into binge-eating.)

Working toward a deadline like this is an excellent motivation tool for me. It's in between goals that's a challenge. It's not hard to rewire my body to be healthy, but my mind is often trickier. It seems to convince me that I'm hungry when my body says I'm not. Whispers that I need another chocolate chip cookie even though my tongue already tastes like bile, because I've eaten too many. I'm hoping to carry out this goal until after the holidays. Like add another 7 lbs onto my goal and put something meaningful on the chopping block again. up my dog or something. Oh, geez. That would be AWFUL. Ok, not that. But something. 

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