Sunday, April 12, 2015

Back in the Saddle

I'm back!

I took a year off to focus solely on the craft (writing, not the 90s Neve Campbell flick), and, not to toot my own horn, but tootie-toot-toot. I worked my rear off for a full year, scribbling my memoir, which I finished in October. It's a 64,000 word manuscript, called A BIRD IN MY HEAD. It's about growing up Mormon in the mid-west and grappling with death, sexism, and sexual abuse. I started querying it on the day before Halloween and I've had four agents interested in reading the full manuscript. Two have subsequently turned me down, but the other two are still mulling it over. While I am very proud of my progress as a writer and the project, adhering to the rule BICHOK (Butt in chair, hands on keyboard) for six hour days several days a week eventually led to a 15 pound weigh gain. Baby Momma got "back".

This year is all about balancing my work life, spiritual life, home life, and health life. And to help with the health aspects, I have The Spartan Experiment. YAY! Next, I need a deadline. (I work well under pressure.) I'm headed to Vienna in the summer, and I want to drop that 15 lbs in the 2 1/2 months that I have before departure.
Paleo Fish Tacos (ignore the sour cream)

So...I'm back to posting weight gain and loss, recipes for healthy meals, and exercise routines. I'm going to be eating MOSTLY paleo, keeping calories under 1350 (using the MyFitnessPal app), and carbs under 100g a day.

Lane and me, enjoying spring break. 

The yard needs some serious love and attention, so this spring will be mostly yard and gardening workouts, BUT as soon as that's under wraps, I'm going to amp up the running, and train for a half marathon held in  sunny Southern Utah this September. It's probably the most ambitious I've ever been. Remember the most miles I've clocked at a time is 6.2, and a half marathon is 13.1. That's more than DOUBLE what I've done in the past, and now I'm heavier and my muscles are a little atrophied from copious sitting. It's going to be ROUGH. I've already sign-up up for the Invasion fun-run in September and the Pay It Forward 5K next week end.

Week 1:

Starting weight: 178
Size: 12

Wish me luck!

PS. I asked my son if he thought I could lose weight, and he said, "I can't wait. I'm sick of waiting it. It's never going to be done. I need to play Kirby's Epic Yarn." I don't quite know how to take that. =/

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