Friday, April 24, 2015

Week 2: midweek progress

It's been a rough week. My insides are clench-y and my cravings are through the roof. Of the o-zone. I'm listless, distracted, and bored of running. I know. It's only week two and I'm bored. Not a great start to a 20 week half marathon training regimen. Oy. I'm in for a long summer.

Friday's 3-miler.
 I guess it hasn't been all bad. I've done three runs so far this week. And my pace is increasing.

My time. Let's compare with my 2 other runs.
I'm steadily shaving off minutes!
My 4-miler. I ran to the store and back. I know I'm a little short, but I did walk to a neighbor's house two blocks away soon after, but I'd already stopped the clock.
I got new kicks for myself, an early b-day present. Had to. The others were messing with my knee. These feel like I'm jogging on mini trampolines. Gel technology, yo.
A better shot of my new babies.

 And as far as yummy healthy recipes, here's one I tried.
Sweet potatoes grilled in butter and sprinkled with cinnamon and truvia. 

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