Sunday, May 10, 2015


I think my scale's busted. Yesterday, it was needled all over the place. It went from 180 to 185 to 174 to 183 each time I stepped on it--consecutively! Weird, right? So I'm going to pick up another one tomorrow. That said, I'm not sure I can even celebrate today's weigh-in, because I'm still wary of the scale's indecisiveness. 
Someone thinks MY pillow is HIS pillow.
"Give us a kiss." 

The scale says that I lost 5 pounds this week. Phew. I'm almost back to where I was before the last weigh-in. 

CURRENT WEIGHT (week 4): 175 (-5) 
Some of the uplifting notes on myfitnesspal. 
How cool would that be? Doesn't seem that healthy though.

Working out was tough this week. I did 4, 4, 4.5, and 3.5 miles. My body took a serious beating after my 4.5 run on Friday morning, which I did outdoors, and when it came time to do my Saturday run I slumped. It was raining, so a tready day, and I ran a mile and couldn't do any more. My muscles were so sore from the day before that every move ached. I ended up walking the rest of the way (2.5 mi). 

My knee is causing me more problems, too, and I think I might need to a) see a doctor and b) give myself more time between runs to heal. Both kind of make me feel like a failure on my journey to run a 1/2 marathon. Grrr. 

This week I'm supposed to do 5, 5, 6, 2-3 miles. I honestly don't know what's going to happen, but there will be a doctor's appointment in there and I have a 3 day conference that might interfere with the schedule. 

Wish me luck. 
Mother and daughter feet.
Oh, and diet's going good. Today I didn't do great, because I had some ice cream for mother's day/my anniversary. 

This is doable, I think. A healthy number. 

13 years. Fist bump.
I have 3 weeks left of school. I wonder if I can get under 170 by then...
We'll see. 

High five everyone. 
Feeling good. 

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