Sunday, May 24, 2015

Week 6: New Scale, New Benchmark

I'm not really sure what to do with all this mixed data. I've replaced my old scale. It was screwy, off by like 10 lbs.--and, no, not in my favor--and would jump all over the place. Here's a graph of what my defunct scale read over the past three months. Looks like the read out of a heart monitor, huh?
Go home scale, you're drunk.

I weighed myself on my new scale four times this week. And it went from 
and 183. 

And today, this morning, I weighed myself again: 181. 

This is going to be my new benchmark. It's high, I know, but I'm being optimistic. According my new scale I lost 8 pounds this week! Woot! 

Also this seems more accurate compared to the doctor's scale from last week.

My new toy. $25 at DI.
If you're curious about my workouts, about what I've been doing after discovering my injury (runner's knee), I found a tiny stationary bike at a thrift store--just in time, too, as we've had so much rain lately. It looks brand new and there's NOTHING wrong with it. Here, it retailed for $141, and I got it for $25! 

Folded up, it looks like a pink praying mantis. 
It has a teeny screen that displays calories, distance, speed, and time. If I set at the end of my bed, I can also read one of the MANY books I have to tackle before leaving for Vienna, for grad school. 

The day I brought it home, I biked for an hour, burned 286 calories, and covered 11.8 virtual miles. You can see from the pics below (from my second ride) that I've already improved my stats.

 I haven't given up running, but following doctor's orders, I've traded some runs for interval training and I've added 2-3 strength training workouts a week.

Saturday workout: I alternated hiking at a 4.5 incline, 3mph speed for a half mile with running at 6mph for a mile. I burned 700 calories.  

Wednesday: I'm trying to get a mile under ten minutes. So close!
Note: This was after strength training. 

Monday: I can't remember if I did intervals or if I did a warm up and cool down walk before running. It was one of those. 
I've decided that taking weekly measurements will help if I have another scale snafu.

Hips (around the largest part of them): 46"
Arms: 13.5"
Thigh: 28.5"
Waist (around the belly-button): 36.5"
Dress size: 10 - 12 depending on the cut and brand.

Food wise, this week I've had a lot of quinoa and brown rice, oatmeal, eggs, and almonds because I read here that some foods act as natural appetite suppressants. I can tell a difference. I'm keeping my calories around 1350, and the last time I checked, if I keep it up, myfitnesspal says I'll weigh, "165.9 lbs." by the time I catch my flight to Austria.

That would be fine with me. 

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